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Grande Roue de Montréal | 10 monuments you can spot

La Grande Roue de Montréal | 10 monuments you can spot

From LGRDM, you can view all of the most iconic landmarks of the metropolis. How many of them can you find?

Boasting more than 375 years of history, the city of Montreal contains a number of powerful symbols that make it distinctive. Thanks to the 360-degree panorama offered by La Grande Roue de Montréal, you can see them all!

1. The Jacques Cartier Bridge

Inaugurated in 1930, the Jacques Cartier Bridge is one of the first symbols you’ll see when you reach the Island of Montreal. Its curved steel shape makes it a unique bridge that won’t go unnoticed. And since 2017, it is lit up each evening at nightfall!

2. The Olympic Stadium

The Stadium proudly hosted the 1976 Montreal Olympics. It’s the largest stadium in Canada with a capacity of nearly 56,000 persons. This structure with its very distinctive architecture was also home to the games of the now defunct Montreal Expos.

3. Notre-Dame Basilica

A vital symbol of Quebec’s religious heritage, Notre-Dame Basilica receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Its cultural impact is so great that the building was named a National Historic Site of Canada in 1989.


4. Saint Helen’s Island

Located in the southeast part of the city, Saint Helen’s Island was named in honor of Samuel de Champlain’s wife. An integral part of Quebec’s cultural heritage, Saint Helen’s Island plays host to a number of festivals and musical performances.


5. Notre Dame Island

Notre Dame Island and Saint Helen’s Island, taken together, make up Parc Jean-Drapeau, located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. Notably, since 1978, the Formula 1 Grand Prix has taken place on Notre Dame Island.


6. The Biosphere

Anyone looking at Saint Helen’s Island can’t help but notice the Biosphere there. This dome-shaped structure was once the pavilion of the United States during the 1967 World Fair, Expo 67. Today, the sphere houses an environmental museum.


7. Farine Five Roses

This huge neon sign advertising the flour mill formerly owned by ADM has become a genuine icon of Montreal. At night, it’s visible for kilometers from both sides! It also serves as a waypoint for the Bonaventure Expressway.


8. The Samuel-de-Champlain Bridge

This brand-new bridge, inaugurated in June of 2019, replaces the former Champlain Bridge, which had been in use since 1962. An astounding feat of modern architecture, this new bridge has been designed to last for 125 years.


9. Habitat 67

This housing complex on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River was inaugurated during the 1967 World Fair, Expo 67. Today, it is considered a historic monument owing to its remarkable architecture, designed by Moshe Safdie.

10. The Saint Lawrence River

1,197 kilometers. That’s the total length of this river that runs from Quebec to New York, linking the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s impossible to miss it!

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