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Eat & drink


The « Café de la Grande Roue »

Baked goods, homemade breads, succulent fruit pancakes, decadent grilled sandwiches, wonderful salads and hot drinks

Opening hours
Mon - Sun : 10am - 8.30pm

Smoke Meat

Le Café de La Grande Roue de Montréal 

Offers a variety of dishes that highlight ingredients from local producers.

Our baked goods and homemade breads
Croissants, chocolatines, cinnamon buns and bagels
Banana bread with chocolate glaze, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin spice bread

Our succulent crepes
Pear, hazelnut spread and toasted almonds
Banana, raspberries and salted caramel
Apple compote, maple cream and toasted pecans

Our  decadent sandwiches
Jambon rustique & Riopelle, mushrooms and spinach
Grilled veggies, pickled red onions, arugula and garlic hummus
Grilled chicken, Saguenay cheeses, caramelized apples onions
Roasted Quebec beef, Bécancour swiss, caramelized onions and spicy mayo
Roasted chicken, Riopelle, spinach, bruschetta 

Our croque madame
Saguenay smoked ham and cheese, béchamel, marinated jalapenos 
and raclette de Compton

Our magnificent s salads 
Kale Caesar  with pickled onions
Market beet salad, almond vinaigrette and Lanaudière goat cheese

Our hot beverages
Coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latté
Tea  and tisane
Hot chocolate


A foretaste of our facilities

« Bistro de la Grande Roue » and « Café de la Grande Roue »
Two welcoming, modern and bright places, with refined design.

Comfort and spectacular views!

More than 130 seats inside the Café and the Bistro, and more than 430 seats on our different terraces with fantastic view over the wheel.